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Welcome to Rose's Studio Scholarship Foundation

Rose’s Studio Scholarship foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides scholarships and awards to assist students in their quest for higher education.

Rose’s Studio Scholarship Foundation was formed with the support of parents in 1996. It has been our purpose to provide scholarships and awards to assist students in their quest for higher education. During the twelve years of its existence, the Rose’s Studio Scholarship Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization has garnered support from many dedicated members who are credited with countless fundraisers, some of which included the sale of t-shirts, cheesecakes and candy. These efforts were highly successful.

Because of these endeavors, over the years we have funded enrichment programs; cultural trips and have given thousands of dollars in savings bonds and scholarships.

As advocates of students pursing higher education we are always seeking innovative ways that serve to develop and nurture our students. One of the major efforts of Rose’s Studio Scholarship foundation is to provide a forum for our students. To this end our annual banquet was birthed.

Proceeds from the banquets, fundraisers and journal ads are used to continue funding these ventures.

RSSF Founder

Rose M. Cabbagestalk is married to her best friend Robert Cabbagestalk and they reside in Plainfield. They attend Ruth Fellowship Ministries, where Tracey L. Brown is the pastor. Rose holds a Bachelors Degree in music as a voice major from Jersey City State College and a Masters of Arts degree in Music Education from New Jersey City University where she graduated Cum Laude. She holds a New Jersey K-12 certification in vocal and instrumental music. [ + ]